A Bible Study Experiment

1189 Days.

That’s roughly 170 weeks, 39 months, or 3.25 years.

That’s how long it would take to read the entire Bible if only one chapter was read per day.

The Case For Slow

Reading the entire Bible in one year is impressive. It takes discipline, but yet it hardly yields the fruit of someone who actively studies the word.

By only reading one chapter per day, the Word can be easily digested and contextualized so it sinks into the deeper parts of the heart.

The goal of this experiment is to inspire others to get into the Word daily, and to do so in a more approachable way.

What To Expect

This project will change slightly over time, but there are some things that will be consistent across the lifetime of the project.

  1. The full text of the chapter of the book in the Bible. The verses will be hand-typed personally so as to focus on each word of the passage.
  2. Key points and takeaways that summarize the text and provide value for the reader.
  3. Accurate and descriptive contextual information that will allow readers to enter into any passage and feel confident.
  4. Word definitions, original aramaic manuscript translation, and additional thoughts that tie the text to other passages in scripture.

Remarks made on the text will be simple, concise, and value-packed. They are meant to give a refreshing perspective that leaves the reader empowered to be a better Christian.

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